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Welcome to Roofing Center, your trusted contractor serving St. Louis, St. Charles, and St. Peters. Our expertise lies in crafting tailored commercial roofing solutions, designed to harmonize with your specific needs, local climate, and the current state of your roof. Your facility’s shield against the elements, enhancing energy efficiency is our priority.

At Roofing Center, we specialize in the installation and maintenance of diverse commercial roof systems. Our craftsmanship comes with an iron-clad Single Source Warranty, ensuring your peace of mind.

Explore our array of high-quality roofing solutions customized just for you. Let’s delve into some of our top options


TPO roofs are gaining popularity in North America, especially for sustainable and long-lasting performance. Discover the advantages of TPO roofing, including strength, durability, resistance to biocides, weather, chemicals, and energy savings.


A trusted choice for industrial facilities across the nation. Explore its enduring lifespan, cost-effectiveness, resistance to chemicals and fire, and robust weather durability. Make PVC roofing your top pick today.


EPDM, known for its industry-leading service life, is a cost-effective choice for commercial buildings. This rubber roof protects against extreme conditions, including wind, hail, and UV rays. It’s lightweight, flexible, recyclable, and a true weather warrior.


With a history of over 50 years in the industry, modified bitumen (Mod-Bit) commercial roof systems are known for their resilience in challenging conditions. When reliability is key, explore Mod-Bit roofs for their durability, waterproofing, flexibility, energy efficiency, and customization options.


If your commercial or industrial property faces strong winds, SPF roof systems are an ideal choice. They are waterproof and wind-resistant, with quick and disruption-free installation. Enjoy the benefits of flexibility, waterproofing, ease of installation, excellent insulation, and an eco-friendly solution.


Built-up (BUR) roofs, with a rich history and proven track record, are perfect for high-traffic areas. Whether you manage an industrial facility or a high-rise complex, BUR roofs offer exceptional weather and fire resistance, outstanding performance, waterproofing, and customizable solutions.


For those not seeking a full roof replacement, roof coatings are a cost-effective option. They can be applied to most roof systems, filling cracks and sealing porous surfaces. These coatings provide waterproofing, high UV stability, improved energy efficiency, fast installation, and customizable color matching while extending your roof’s life.

Steep Slope

If your commercial or industrial roof has a slope greater than 3:12, we have solutions tailored to your needs. Enjoy the advantages of low maintenance, enhanced aesthetics, improved energy efficiency, and the potential for additional space.


Whether you’re considering a new metal roof or need to restore an existing one, we offer a range of options with various benefits, including durability, the longest lifespan in commercial roofing, top-notch weather resistance, a Class A fire rating, and sustainability.


For sustainable and environmentally friendly roofing options, explore our green roofing solutions. Whether you desire a garden roof or daylighting options, we can meet your needs, offering temperature control, maximizing daylight use, LEEDTM points/certification credits, solar power harnessing, air purification, and urban landscaping.

Contact us today to discuss the best roofing system for your facility. Our dedicated roofing professionals are ready to evaluate your current roof condition and building requirements to find the optimal commercial roofing solution.

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